" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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  ‘Laptopia’ is an experimental art festival which combines live performances, video art and audio-visual installations. The aim of 'Laptopia' is to present the local audience to current international experimental art and to broaden the ideas network.


Curatorial Text (English)
Curatorial Text (Hebrew)

Laptopia #5 - Sound Exhibition

Bat-Yam Museum of Contemporary art

January 15th 2009 - April 18th 2009

Guest Curators: Liora Belford, Ido Govrin and Eyal Vexler

Participating Artists:

Amnon Wolman (IL)
Carsten Goertz (DE)
Duprass; Ido Govrin and Liora Belford (IL)
Gilles Aubry (CH)
Karl Kliem (DE)
Marcus Schmickler (DE)
Mark and Laura Cetilia (US)
Yaron Lapid (IL)
Yossi Marc-Chaim (IL)
hans w. koch (DE)

MoBY [Museums of Bat Yam] is proud to present Laptopia, an international sound exhibition originating from a yearly festival for experimental art by the same name, organized by the label 'Interval Recordings'. Laptopia exhibition will show sound installations, created specifically for the museum's space, while using a laptop as a platform for digital/utopian creation. The participating artists will create their works in the space itself, in a joined process – individual and collective at the same time. This process will generate an overall plastic contraction, composed of independent sound entities. These sound units will function as components of a more comprehensive structure, while communicating both with the space and with each other. The physical and conceptual connections formed throughout the exhibition will transform it to one elaborated and multilayered work in space, directly relating to the possibility of utopian creation in society.



Paul Devens - Live Part1

Paul Devens - Live Part2

Paulo Raposo- Live Excerpt

Laptopia #4

nov 21th 2007
levontin 7, tel-aviv


Audio/Visual Installations

Liora Belford and Ido Govrin (Duprass) Amnon Wolman
Guy Yitzhaki
Nadav Assor
Eran Sachs

Live Performances

Paul Devens (The Netherlands)
Paulo Raposo (Portugal)
Marina P.O.P (Israel)

Video Program

Michal Pashtan (IL)
Sebastian Meissner (DE)
Eithan Buganim (IL)
K. Liberovskaya (CA) and P. Niblock (US)
M. Cera (US)
Frank Bretschneider (DE)
John Kannenberg (US)
Lia (AT) and @c (PT)
Carlo Fatigoni and Dionisio Capuano (IT)
Ira Eduardovna (IL)
Anders Weberg (SE)
Limor Yitzhak (IL)
Stefan Otto (SE)
Christin Negos (CA)
Sirah F. Brutmann and Asaph Polosky (IL)
BBB Johannes Deimling (DE)
Ania Klimczak (DE)
Eden Orion (IL)

'Colorfield Variations' -
curated by Richard Chartier
Steve Roden (US)
Alan Callander (US)
Frank Bretschneider (DE)
Stephan Mathieu (DE)
Sue Costabile (US) and Beequeen (NL)
Tina Frank and General Magic (AT)
Bas van Koolwijk (NL)
Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti (UK)
Ryoichi Kurokawa (JP)
E. Domnitch and D. Gelfand (RU/US)
Ernest Edmonds (AU) and Mark Fell (UK)


D.Sciajno@Laptopia #3

106FM Radio

Laptopia #3

may 9th 2007
levontin 7, tel-aviv


live performances

domenico sciajno (italy)
amnon wolman
ido govrin+liora belford (duprass)
tali zavilevich+vered kupits

video program

carsten nicolai aka alva noto (DE)
ira eduardovna (IL)
phill niblock (US)
m. cera (US)
martijn tellinga+dextro (NL)
uri dromer (IL)
david opp (IL)
kathrine liberovskaya (CA)
ran slavin (IL)
ruth frenkel (IL)
steffi wurster (DE)
su tomesen (NL)
gal tushia (IL)
lieve d'hondt (BE)
adam kaplan (IL)
maya shan bowden (IL)
tal stern (IL)
joel kantor (IL)
ori levin (IL)
michal cohen+michael gottlieb (IL)
eytan heller (IL)
dafi sapunar (IL)
ido fluk (IL)
william basinski+james elaine (US)
neil leonard (US)
jan jelinek+karl kliem (DE)
funkstorung (DE)
linda rosental-nathanson (IL)

sound system




Laptopia #2

june 5th, 2006
Cafe Barzilay, tel-Aviv

live performances

marcus schmickler (germany)
eran sachs

video program

katherine liberovskaya (CA)
ron katzir (IL)
nevet itzhak (IL)
joel kantor (IL)
domenico sciajno (IT)
ran slavin (IL)
oscar abosh (IL)
marcus kreiss (DE)
liora belford (IL)
phill niblock (US)
efrat jacobson (IL)
gal tushia (IL)

sound system




Laptopia #1

april 7th, 2005
jah-pan, tel-Aviv

live performances

phill niblock (united states)
amnon wolman
ilan green
ido govrin
yair etziony


katherine liberovskaya (CA)
liora belford (IL)
jack faber (IL)

sound system