" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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  Various Artists - Nothing Works As
Interval Recordings IL02

01 - Intro
02 - Ido Govrin / Limbo Sketches
03 - Amnon Wolman / Increased Fines
04 - Jonathan Chen / Three Switch-Hitters
05 - Neil Leonard / Echoes and Footsteps

01 - Kiki Keren-Huss / summer 2006, War
02 - Beth Denisch / Fire Mountain Intermezzo
03 - Arie Shapira / Violin 2004
04 - Keren Rosenbaum / Waltz
05 -
Yossi Mar-Chaim / Nothing Works as Planned

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This double CD presents diverse approaches to the phrase ?nothing works as planned' by nine composers and sound artists. Each and every one of them captures a singular moment which was compiled together to create an esthetic sonic statement of reason and beauty.
?Nothing works as planned' is comprised of live recordings of concerts in Tel Aviv and New York. The double CD is a documentation of a series, entitled ?Nothing Works as planned?, which held at the above mentioned cities and was premiered at the Tel Aviv Biennale of New Music hosted by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The premier took place in a large suite of galleries that was between exhibitions and therefore void of art work. The high ceilings, long reverberation and departure from conventional concert seating made for a cathedral-like setting and proved to be an ideal site for the concert of works featuring electronics, small ensembles and large video projections. The series continued with a concert at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, New York. IPR is located in a circular tower that was once a silo situated on the Gowanus Canal . Again, the unconventional setting and the unique acoustical space made an ideal venue for the performance of experimental music.

Performed by:
Gilad Hildesheim, Violin (track 1, 3, 4, 5 on CD2)
Barbara Schmutzler, Contrabassoon (tracks 1, 5 on CD2)
Neil Leonard, Soprano Saxophone (track 5 on CD1)
The Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, Misha Rachlevsky ? Music Director (track 2 on CD2)

Release Date: 17.12.2007
Double CD
Time: CD1 40:30 / CD2 41:17

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