" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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  Ido Govrin- Moraine
Interval Recordings IL04

01 Ground
02 Push
03 Lateral
04 Terminal
05 Medial

06 Recessional

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?Moraine? by Ido Govrin is composed of exquisite sound qualities consisting of restrained gestures of simultaneous assembling and disassembling processes, slow though diligent creation holds a promise for total collapse, destruction, and as such, fills the listener with sweet sadness and longing. The album?s name, ?Moraine?, indicates the working process but not just that. Moraine is a geological phenomenon created when the bedrock underneath is scoured and crushed by the movement and extreme pressure of a glacier eventually to the size of dust grains. It is being transported beneath the glacier?s infrastructure as a thick stratum of solid substance and creates various forms throughout the plateau. In ?Moraine?, Ido Govrin investigates the micro level of
sound process where vast amount of sound partials are being generated and manipulated; blocs of sonic substance creates morphed sound strata. Continuous forms and entities of sound collide into each other, crushed and woven into one another; the acoustic gale seems to briefly appear as a spatial object, dwelling in space. Promptly afterwards, the stratification and deterritorialization continues simultaneously. The six electro-acoustic pieces exhibited in ?Moraine? were partly created by the analysis-re-synthesis process of acoustic instruments (Cello and Violin) and partly by a pure computer generated process of sound.

Release date: 11.01.2010
Single CD
Time: 37:13

Ido Govrin

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