" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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Duprass is liora belford and ido govrin.
Their mutual artworks have been exhibited in: tel-aviv museum of art (israel/palestine) / vancouver film festival (canada) / laptopia art exhibition (israel/palestine) / washington jewish film festival (usa) / biennale for contemporary art (israel/palestine) / experimental intermedia festival (usa) / tal esther gallery (israel/palestine) / c-sides festival (germany/israel/palestine) / the melkweg theater (the netherlands) / barcelona film festival (catalonia/spain) / omanut laam festival (israel/palestine) / museum for polydimensional research (usa) / heara event (israel/palestine) / letto gallery (poland) / festival international cinéma méditerranéen (france) / art film festival (slovakia) / museum of vojvodina (serbia) / cccb (catalonia/spain) / petach tikva museum (israel/palestine) / dislocate festival (japan) / bat-yam museum for contemporary art (israel/palestine) / barbur gallery (israel/palestine) and many more…
Duprass also runs this humble label you're visiting right now.



Galut (Diaspora)