" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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  Duprass - Galut (Diaspora)
Interval Recordings IL07

01 Galut (Diaspora)

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‘Galut (Diaspora)’ was created as a radio drama. Nonetheless, it was originally exhibited as a sound installation at ‘Barbur’ gallery in Jerusalem (Solo Exhibition, March 3rd to March 31st 2011). The installation, consisted of eight audio channels and text, as well as a single painting hanged on the gallery’s wall, has gone through another artistic mutation as presented to you here; the piece was mixed down to stereo signal and mastered to single CD format. Despite of that fact that the exhibition catalog was printed only in Hebrew, we formally publish the catalog together with this release for the interest of listeners who cannot understand its original language, both audibly and visually.

'‘Galut’ is a fabric of distancing – distancing derived from the read text that was translated from Yiddish to Hebrew, distancing derived from the historical time that had passed since it was first written, distancing derived from the actual reading of the radio drama by actors, from the recording and processing of the sound, from the combination of music and various sound samples into the phrases, from splitting the source into eight channels and playing them in sync at the gallery’s space, from the polyphonic experience that being created by the various sound sources which scattered through space, from the reverberation they produce, from the gap that occurs between the gallery’s internal  happening and the external world that exist behind its glassy door. Each and every one of these distancing isn’t unique in itself but the integration of them all creates a branched system that lacks a vanishing point, a repetitive and inexhaustible fabric of contexts, bifurcations and developments that seems would never reach a safe harbor. This is, in other words, the exilic basis of ‘Galut’.' (quoted from the catalog text)

Release date: 04.07.2011
Single CD / Exhibition Catalog
Time: 23:55


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