" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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  Mem1 - Alexipharmaca
Interval Recordings IL01

01 - Somniferum
02 - Artemisia
03 - Akia
04 - Atropa
05 - Dasyatis

06 - Tetram
07 - Ipomoea
08 - Siphonophora
09 - lamarcai
10 -
11 - Mellitin
12 - Paeoniflorum

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Alexipharmaca, Mem1?s second full-length album, is a collection of improvised works that capture the allure of the forbidden and dangerous, and the modern fascination with things ancient and shrouded in mystery.
The album?s title is taken from a set of poems written by Nicander of Colophon, a Greek pharmacologist (fl. 197-130 B.C.E.), whose text deals with plant and animal poisons and their antidotes.
Mem1?s music intoxicates with its rich textures and lavish soundscapes, but ? like a beautiful yet deadly flower ? something ominous inevitably lurks beneath the surface. While toxic substances can bring elation and seemingly endless bliss, they can be lethal in large doses. Alexipharmaca provides the opportunity to experience this sublime demise through the saturation of aural splendor.

Release Date: 20.11.2006
Single CD
Time: 1:00:24


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