" Interval is a label interested in the gap between objects, the idea of silence, the love for the uncharted terrains that comes before and after the notes. "
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  Jennifer Walshe- Nature Data
Interval Recordings IL05

01 nature data
02.-08. (your name here)
09 i: same person / ii: not the same person
04 G.L.O.R.I.-

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?Why is the phoneme the most ?ideal? of signs? Where does this complicity between sound and ideality, or rather, between voice and ideality, come from? When I speak, it belongs to the phenomenological essence of this operation that I hear myself [je m?entende] at the same time that I speak. The signifier, animated by my breath and by the meaning-intention, is in absolute proximity to me. The living act, the life-giving act, the Lebendigkeit, which animates the body of the signifier and transforms it into a meaningful expression, the soul of language, seems not to separate itself from itself, from its own self-presence.? [J.Derrida, the Voice That Keeps Silence, Speech and Phenomena]
Voice ? Breath ? Signifier; Walshe?s debut release on Interval Recordings signifies the temporary hidden space, the interval, just about to be revealed. ?Nature Data?, the album?s title, captures Walshe?s unique voice in the field of sonic arts and performance; as a becoming-animal, becoming-nature, her voice, breaths and all occurrences in between, audible and not, signifies that data, as nature, as presence.

Release date: 17.03.2010
Single CD
Time: 61:44

Jennifer Walshe

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